Dr. Dena Bateh


Dr. Bateh is currently a Chair/Professor of Management & International Business in New York City. Beyond International Trade and Marketing, her areas of expertise also include Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Integrated Marketing, Model United Nations and Organizational Behavior. She obtained her Ph.D. in International Economics from Columbia University completing her doctoral dissertation on Healthcare Improvement in Third World Countries- A Focus on Egypt and both her M.B.A. and B.A. from Jacksonville University (Florida).


Prior to becoming a professor, Dr. Bateh worked for 15 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry focusing on cardiovascular health. She is also the co-founder of the American-Egyptian Aid Foundation, a United Nations NGO. Other than teaching and working with the NGO, Dr. Bateh devotes her time to scholarship, currently in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Marketing to Machines, Globalization & Cultural Evolution, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in the MENA Region, Digital Privacy and Healthcare Technology. Dr. Bateh is also the leader of a Special Interest Group blog – “The Cultural Impact on Globalization”.