MIM Student, Petter Rausk, Finds Internship Success with LoginTMS

Brooklyn's industrial city's buildings with Login TMS caption

MIM Student, Petter Rausk, Finds Internship Success with LoginTMS

Petter Rausk is an MIM student from Finland who successfully completed the Business Administration Program at MIM from January to March 2019. From April to June 2019, he is following the Basic Internship Program, which provides MIM students with the unique ability to train at a New York City company for 3 months.

LogInTMS is an organization that provides multi-channel order fulfillment, warehouse storage and logistics, supply chain management and marketing solutions to small businesses. Company Founder, Michele Iadarola, is originally from Italy and much of their clientele are Italian food importers looking to make inroads in the US market.

Petter Rausk, a MIM student, in front of his internship's company's office

- Petter Rausk Standing Outside of LoginTMS in Industry City in Brooklyn, NY-


When approached with the MIM internship idea, Michele was enthused by the opportunity. As he said, “Our business is highly international, so the fact that MIM’s students come from all over the globe can be quite beneficial for our business. The young, sharp minds and energy of interns like Petter are also much appreciated by our company.” Indeed, Petter has helped LoginTMS with creating a new brochure and website and also gets involved with some of the  e-commerce aspects of their organization.

Petter enjoys coming to his internship each day. As he stated, “This internship has taught me the NYC way of doing things, which is different than the slower pace of Finland. It has been a great experience for me which will add value to my resume for my future career.”

Petter’s internship also takes place in an exciting location. LoginTMS is located in Industry City in Brooklyn, NY, which is a vibrant venue in industrial buildings including companies, eateries, shops, outdoor galleries, and outdoor events. It likens itself to “Silicon Valley in New York” and Petter mentioned this as an awesome part of his internship that he appreciates, as well.

Certainly, it seems that Petter Rausk has found internship success with LoginTMS and MIM.


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