Strong Cultural Diversity Seen at MIM’s Internship Partner Companies

Yu Mo, Marc Nelson, Taiki Kudo, Lucca and Ted Helms

Strong Cultural Diversity Seen at MIM’s Internship Partner Companies

The Manhattan Institute of Management (MIM) prides itself on its highly internationalized student body, with over 20 different nationalities represented at the school over the past two years alone.  In addition, the institute’s location is also in the heart of New York City, which is a city that has long been considered “the melting pot of the world.” A lesser known fact though, is that even MIM’s internship companies are highly culturally diverse, as reported by MIM’s Marketing Director, Marc Nelson, during recent visits to KimCP and the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce.

Yu Mo, Marc Nelson and Taiki Kudo posing with MIM's Brochure

- Marc Nelson Meeting with Taiki Kudo and Yu Mo at KimCP -

On Tuesday, June 18th, Mr. Nelson first set out to meet with the internship companies of MIM students, Taiki Kudo and Yu Mo, respectively a Japanese and Chinese student at MIM. At KIMCP, located on Madison Avenue, Mr. Nelson quickly became aware that this is a company that caters to all Asian markets, providing services ranging from web development, website design, and social media. However, their overarching goal is to open a Japanese restaurant called Tojos Kitchen, which Taiki Kudo has been especially involved with.  In fact, Taiki regularly attends Smorgasbord events in Brooklyn to get patrons accustomed to the tastes of the food of their future restaurant. Yu Mo is heavily involved with the promotion of the events from a social media aspect, using Instagram to get future customers’ “mouths watering” over their delicious offerings.

From there, Mr. Nelson headed a few blocks away on Madison Avenue to the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, where MIM  Brazilian student, Lucca Suasunna de Carvalho is doing his internship. As Executive Director, Ted Helms explained, the mission of their organization is to promote trade, investment, and cultural ties between Brazil and the United States.  To do this, they host 40 events per year, including their annual gala, which features 1,000 attendees.

Lucca Suasunna de Carvalho with his Supervisor, Ted Helms at Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce

- Lucca Suasunna de Carvalho with his Supervisor, Ted Helms at Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce -


Mr. Helms described Lucca as an integral part of their promotion efforts for these events. In fact, Lucca helps to crate content, does some logistics work, and then does data analytics work after the events to gauge their success.

Mr. Nelson made note of the fact that, in these positions, our MIM students can indeed put in practice what they have learnt during their MIM curriculum, benefit from real-life applications and be of worthwhile help to their host organizations. And, as he stated, “It is also worth noting that just a few blocks away on Madison Avenue can be an Asian-based organization and a Brazilian-based one, each hosting our students. The ethnic diversity of our student population is also reflected by their internship companies. New York City is a city of great opportunity and our students are making the most of it.



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