Career Development Services

All enrolled students will have access to working with the Office of Career Development regardless of their choice of program. Such services the Office of Career Development can provide are:


  • Resume Writing Workshops
  • Career counseling
  • Career placement* (for eligible U.S. domestic graduates)
  • Interviewing techniques
  • General support in navigating the New York City professional landscape



  • What is a resume?
  • What information is included in a resume?
  • Why do I need a resume?


Learning Objective/Outcome: Upon completion of our resume writing workshops (held in either group or one on one settings), students will be able to write a resume showing their skills, experiences and education that they can use when applying for a variety of opportunities including internships.


A well crafted resume is the key to professional success. Some examples of such resume writing may include:

    • Grammar & Spelling
    • Capitalization and Punctuation
    • Neatness
    • Format
    • Ideas

    • Writer makes no errors in grammar or spelling.
    • Writer makes no errors in capitalization and punctuation.
    • Resume is typed, clean, not wrinkled, and is easy to read with no distracting error corrections. It was done with pride.
    • Complies with all the requirements for a resume.
    • Ideas were expressed in a clear and organized fashion. It was easy to figure out the qualifications of the applicant.

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